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Seven Ways to Support Chinatown - Now and Always

Updated: May 4, 2021

Why support this more 150-year-old-plus community? Born during the Gold Rush era, it is an essential part of U.S history. More than 950 small businesses are impacted and can close forever… any day now. As the phrase “we are all in this together” has been imprinted in our brains, this is an opportune time to offer aid.

What can you do?

1. Buy a copy of San Francisco’s Chinatown on this website, proceeds go towards the Chinese Culture Center ( of San Francisco.

2. Go online to make purchases from Chinatown merchants. A few of these include: The Wok Shop (, China Live ( ), Kim + Ono ( ), Eastern Bakery ( , Jade Chocolates ( , Chinese Historical Society of America Museum (, and the Chinese Culture Center ( of San Francisco.

3. Enlist your company to donate to Chinatown’s non-profits. A few of these include: Chinatown YMCA (, Chinese Historical Society of American (, Cameron House social services (, Chinatown Community Development Center (, and Community Youth Center (

4. Order to-go lunches and dinners from Chinatown restaurants for your office group, either online or in person. Chinese delis on Grant Avenue, Stockton, and side streets will honor your patronage. See for a listing of a few restaurants.

5. Visit Chinatown with your friends and family to support its many shops, souvenir stores, and eateries. Places such as the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie ( mainly support walk-in purchases.

6. Take a tour of Chinatown. Yes, tour operators are available to host you and your group. Connect with and for an eye-opening experience.

7. Purchase presents, household goods, and groceries in Chinatown. You will be surprised at the lovely, affordable gift items, clothing, and assortment of treasures you will find.

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