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Chinatown grant street's lamps
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、店具人情味的社區關懷、見證第一代華人移民辛酸的散房公寓、別具一格的教會氛圍一舊金山華埠(Chinatown) 的一個個時代標誌,給本地居民和外來遊客都留下了深刻的印象。華裔作家陳秀芳與白人攝影師埃文斯 合力創作的英文版新書「芍金山華埠」,讓人不出門 , 就能透過200頁的圖文解說 ,完


Chinatown building with lanterns
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"San Francisco's Chinatown Portrays Recent History, Culture of The Famed Neighborhood''

When Dick Evans and Kathy Chin Leong began exploring Chinatown for their new book, “San Francisco’s Chinatown,” with a goal to provide an insider’s look at the famed neighborhood, Leong was struck instead by what she saw was fading. Leong grew up in the Sunset District and was in Chinatown every weekend and through the summers, visiting her grandmother . . .

Tai chi master in pink outfit
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"Scenes From Chinatown"

As a child growing up in San Francisco, I knew Chinatown innately. It was where my mother would shop for glistening, bronzed roast ducks for dinner; where my dad would pop into a bakery to pick up strawberry chiffon cake in a pink box; where we’d get our fill of dumplings at cacophonic dim sum parlors; and where I’d joyfully run up the iconic wide spiral ramp of the landmark Empress of China . . .

Chinatown book cover

"Must Haves''

In Focus. Brilliantly illustrating life in one of the country’s most culturally significant neighborhoods, San Francisco’s Chinatown ($40) is a documentary photography book worth sharing year-round. Local photographer Dick Evans captures scenes of everyday life . . .

Chinatown art
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"The Time To Worry About Chinatown"

agodas, lanterns, and, if you’re there on the right occasion, dragon and lion dancers — San Francisco’s Chinatown is a surprising delight in the heart of the city. The neighborhood’s extravagant facade not only entertains out-of-towners as San Francisco’s . . .

OSU Little Gallery Flyer
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"Upcoming ‘Universal Languages’ art exhibition ‘celebrates our world of many cultures’''

A new art exhibit is coming to the Little Gallery inside Kidder Hall at Oregon State University from Nov. 1 to Dec. 17 that will represent the universal aspects of humans.

The exhibition, which is called “Universal Languages—Paint, Print and Photography,” will be open to visitors Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 p.m. starting Nov. 1. . . .

Chinese opera singer getting ready
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''New Chinatown Book Explores Neighborhood's Journey From Shame to Celebration''

San Francisco Chinatown is one of the city’s most contradictory places. The neighborhood draws more tourists every year than the Golden Gate Bridge, yet most of its residents live in rundown SROs, and Chinatown's median household income is barely a fourth that of the San Francisco average. But these contradictions and cultural backstories are ...

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影象以及文字, 將三灣市華埠的壓史、文花、


報》丘店北奏人雇秀考以及凜長三灣市胡凶的壩影師埃文萊人台作完成 ,向讀青展現出一個在所難

中 ,仍健保有千任的研埠社屠。

Chinatown book special edition
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"10 books by Bay Area authors that should be on your holiday list"

There are few places in the world that consistently draw artists and writers, and we’re lucky enough to live in one of them. That also means you need not look far for the perfect literary gift. Here are some of the best titles by local authors that were released in 2020, and what our critics had to say about each . . .

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Dick Evans and Kathy Chin Leong segment on KGO TV ABC7 with Dion Lim

Dick Evans and Kathy Chin Leong book signing
Asian American podcast
Asian American podcast

"Dick Evans and Kathy Chin Leong : San Francisco's Chinatown"

This close-up look at the oldest Chinatown in North America brings readers to a deeper understanding of this iconic destination. Evan’s images capture the diversity and humanity of the densest urban neighborhood west of Manhattan. Leong’s concentrated profiles of select Chinatown resilience . . .

Chinatown book Dick Evans mural

''Celebrate Lunar New Year with a tour of Chinatown’s murals''

A new year on the Chinese calendar arrives Feb. 1, but for many in San Francisco’s Chinatown, the pandemic forecasts a certain 2021 deja vu. As it has with the rest of the city, COVID has thinned the bustling crowds that previously made navigating these hilly streets like swimming up a river of salmon . . .

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