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''As far as I am concerned, this is the best book on Chinatown. The book was so well written and all things Chinatown were told with such clarity!  And the photographs were stunning!  Our neighborhood can be so much prouder of its history and heritage, thanks to you two!! I can't thank you enough for creating such an important book for our community.  It will be enjoyed for years to come!! ''                     

- Betty Louie | Advisor Chinatown Merchants Association

''You have given us a synopsis of history, cultural, political, personal -- it's pretty amazing.  And while delivering so much content, the book yet evinces a great spirit of the place as well.  I love photo books with text -- it's a great combination, two modalities of perception that together make more than the sum of their styles.''

- Mary Ellen Hannibal | Author Citizen Scientist 

''...a marvelous book and a great contribution to Chinatown, the Chinese-American community, and to the world community. I am amazed at your photography, your appreciation of color, your mastery of framing, your adventurousness in all worked out beautifully." '' 

 Ben Fong-Torres

Emmy Award-winning co-anchor of the KTVU Chinese New Year Parade, rock journalist, author of The Rice Room, and portrayed in the feature film, Almost Famous.

''Impressively pairing striking imagery with an informative historical narrative, the book transports readers right into the heart of Chinatown’s thriving streets, festivals, local flavor, and cultural intensity. A vividly realized tribute to one of Northern California’s most revered cultural neighborhoods.''     

 - Kirkus  Review

''The unique imprints of different eras are presented, as if readers travel through the corridor of time and read "of the many things from ancient to modern". Evans shoots in the context of the times.  Leong introduces the history, tourism, daily life, and celebrations of the Chinatown community through clear text descriptions. ''

–World Journal | The Nation’s #1 Chinese Newspaper 

''This book is a piece of art.  I emailed the link to 15 of my friends and family who lived in Chinatown.  Like me, they found it extremely interesting.  I heard from my 74-year-old choir director from Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church who liked it a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. ''           

 -Phyllis T.

''In the book I found familiar places, familiar faces, familiar stories. It's quite comprehensive and provides a meaningful look into Chinatown, its history, people, culture, environment beyond what is seen on the surface.''               

- Sue Y. 

''It’s so interesting to have descriptions of Chinatown, and to finally realize how really small our world was to begin with.''

-  Steve O.

''None of our teachers discussed Chinese Americans in U.S. history while we were in school. I was surprised to learn some of what she (Kathy Chin Leong) covered when I took Asian American studies at UC. Since then I've been quite interested in the journey of Chinese in America and the "Asian American Achievement Paradox" that I've observed. ''  

 - Gilbert Wai 

''The photographer did an excellent job capturing the different scenes in Chinatown and about the Chinese culture.''     - Nancy L.

''Readers will gain a greater insight about the history of Chinatown and the lives of community members, as well as their challenges and celebrations in the community. Readers interested in city photography, Asian Pacific American Studies, American ethnic studies, and urban history will be more than engaged by this book's stories and vivid images and the eye-opening experiences of San Francisco's Chinatown that they reveal. ''

— Raymond Pun, Booklist reviewer


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